The EV Jobs Hub (EVJH) illuminates not only where new electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing jobs are being announced, but also what those jobs will look like. Are workers currently protected by a collective bargaining agreement? Have employers—particularly those benefiting from significant state and federal subsidies—committed to remaining neutral in the face of union organizing efforts? Are manufacturers working to ensure their facilities support disadvantaged and deindustrialized communities? This hub is an effort to answer those vital questions. 

As widespread EV adoption continues to transform the auto industry—powered by historic investments from governments and automakers alike—we have an important opportunity to set a high bar for job quality in the climate-critical auto manufacturing sector. And on this crucial point, the labor and environmental movements are united: new manufacturing jobs in the domestic EV supply chain must be community-sustaining jobs with competitive wages and benefits, in safe and diverse workplaces, and where workers have the free and fair choice to join a union. Our hope is that the EVJH will help labor and environmental advocates hold manufacturers and policymakers accountable for delivering on their investments and promises for good, union jobs in the domestic EV industry.

This dashboard was built in partnership with Atlas Public Policy.